September 2012

TEAGASC HAS been criticised by campaigners against genetically modified (GM) crops for beginning its field trial of GM potatoes before a three-month judicial review period has elapsed. The agriculture and food development authority defended its actions and said it was doing everything in strict accordance with the licence granted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

From the 10th to 16th of August, Rossport Solidarity Camp hosted it's 3rd wind turbine building course. You can read a report of the first one here: As the 3 previous turbines that were built are still going strong (and powering both the camp and camp house), this year it was decided to go for something bigger and more challenging. This year it's was decided to build a 4.2 metre turbine that is planned eventually to be connected to the grid at the house of a local Shell to Sea campaigner.


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