February 2016

Robin Hood

A coalition of trade unions, NGOs and rights groups has called on the Government to back a Robin Hood tax on bankers and stockbrokers which could raise up to 360 million euro (£273m) a year.




Note from Attac Ireland: this is a press release of a protest coalition we are part of and stand firmly behind. A list of all involved groups is available at the bottom of the page. This is an expanding list, as we are continually receiving messages from groups wishing to express their support and solidarity with this cause. Get in touch via the event’s page. Join us at 1:30pm at GPO on Saturday 6th of February to show your support.

The coalition which organised today’s rally against PEGIDA, has hailed it as a great  success. Over 2,000 people from all four corners of Ireland braved the cold and rain to create a warm and festive atmosphere at the GPO. People came out to counter the intended launch by far right elements of a self-styled “PEGIDA Ireland”. This did not happen.


This is a video from the event: Clare Says No TTIP, public meeting on TTIP: Temple Gate Hotel, Ennis, Jan 27th 2016.


Further videos on TTIP: to access the YouTube channel of TTIP Information Network CLICK HERE


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