November 2018

by Niall Sargent - Green News

RTÉ’s flagship radio show devotes less than one per cent of its broadcast to environmental issues, new research from an environmental NGO has found.


Gluaiseacht analysed two weeks of broadcasts from Morning Ireland, Ireland’s most popular morning radio program, finding that just 0.92 per cent of the show was dedicated to environmental matters.


Environmental stories take up less than 1% of airtime on RTÉ's Morning Ireland - one 13th the airtime devoted to sport - new research shows.

Gluaiseacht, an environmental NGO, analysed two weeks of Morning Ireland broadcasts, separated by six months, in April and October. It was found that environmental stories were covered for only 0.92% of the time, while sports news accounted for 12.41% of the broadcast time, dedicated business news was covered for 5.57% of the time, and Brexit coverage accounted for 10.69% of the broadcast time.[1]

Morning Ireland is the most listened to radio programme in Ireland.

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