March 2021

Gluaiseacht submitted the following to the consultation on Micro-generation Support Scheme (MSS) in February.

● The climate crisis means we need to urgently reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We
need to transition our energy system away from fossil fuels to a completely renewable
energy system, but more importantly we need to reduce our overall energy demand,
which is a “fossil fuel era” demand.
● We want the energy system to be run for the public good. A system run for profit is
fundamentally incompatible with energy demand reduction.
● We reject the principle that this MSS has to pay for itself - it should be paid out of
general taxation, to lessen the risk of poorer people subsidising wealthier people.
● This MSS should specifically incentivize community projects and not focus solely on
individual homeowners. Collective community energy projects have a greater ability to
bring benefits of renewable energy to the whole community rather than just those owning
their own homes.
● The suggested BER of a C rating or better would currently exclude 45% of the houses
in the country. It violates the principle of "equity" which is supposedly sought after
in the design of the scheme.
● The 6/11kW limit on the size of microgeneration is very low in comparison to
similar schemes in Europe and is needlessly restrictive.
● Participation in this scheme should be clear and straightforward, in contrast with
the Government consultation documents for this scheme.
● Of the policy options available we would suggest the Feed-in-premium or feed-in-tariff,
but not as described in the Ricardo consultants report