Anti Racists claim victory at the GPO in preventing PEGIDA Ireland launch.

The coalition which organised today’s rally against PEGIDA, has hailed it as a great  success. Over 2,000 people from all four corners of Ireland braved the cold and rain to create a warm and festive atmosphere at the GPO. People came out to counter the intended launch by far right elements of a self-styled “PEGIDA Ireland”. This did not happen.

“What we had to day was a show of strength in numbers from the majority of people in Ireland, black, white, asian, atheist, Muslim, Christian, feminist, Traveller, Roma, anti racist, socialist, liberal, republican, unaligned, able bodied, disabled, Trade Unionist, all speaking with one voice, resoundingly rejecting the language of hate” said Shane O’Curry, Director of ENAR Ireland, one of the participating organisations.

“This broad, nonviolent, festive and enthusiastic turnout demonstrated very loudly that there is no appetite in Ireland for the politics of Islamaphobia and bigotry. It was fitting, on this day of anti-racist mobilisations across Europe, that the GPO was held as a space for the politics of inclusion and hope and against the politics of division, violence and fear.”

“The organisers would like to wholeheartedly thank all who organised, travelled and participated in making today’s rally such a huge success and for keeping the main rally peaceful. We regret hearing reports of skirmishes outside of the rally.  Unfortunately, such incidents invariably accompany the PEGIDA phenomenon.“

Supporting organisations (in alphabetical order):

Anti Austerity Alliance, Akidwa Ireland, Africa Centre Dublin Ireland, Anti Racism Network Ireland, Attac Ireland, Autistic Rights Together, Communist Party of Ireland, Conference of Religious in Ireland, Dialogue & Diversity, Dublin Calais Refugee Solidarity, Dublin City Centre Citizens Information Service, Doras Luimni, EDeNn, ENAR Ireland, Fighting for Humanity – Homelessness, Galway Anti Racism Network, Gaza Action Ireland, Gluaiseacht for Global Justice, Green Party of Ireland, Ireland Says Welcome, Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC), Irish Anti-War Movement, Irish Housing Network, Irish Refugee Council, Irish Missionary Union, Irish Traveller Movement, Migrant Rights Centre Ireland, National Traveller Womens Forum, Shannonwatch, Show Racism the Red Card – Ireland, SARI – Sport Against Racism Ireland, SIPTU, Sinn Féin , The Platform, Pavee Point, People Before Profit, United Against Racism, The Workers Party, Workers Solidarity Movement, You Are Not Alone.

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