Climate Camp 2010

Climate Camp 2010- 12th to 16th of August- Victoria Bridge, County Tyrone.This year’s climate camp will take place form the 12th to the 16th of August in County Tyrone, to support the local community campaign that is in opposition to the building of a new A5 road between Dublin and Derry.
Check our more about this campaign at camp is very close and we still have loads of work to do if you want to get involved try to come to the next organising meeting will be held in The Shed, Dublin on Saturday the 26th of June with things kicking off at 10:30am.


From the Alternative A5 Alliance website  “We call on the responsible members of the government who are involved in transport decisions to look again at the sustainable options available before committing the residents of this county to a future marred by the destruction of farms and homes, lives and livelihoods - caused by this unwise project. We ask them also to consider the vast destruction of our natural ‘carbon sink’ – the fields and trees of Tyrone – for the sake of a theoretical saving of 20minutes journey time.“Climate Camp will aim to support the community resisting the imposition of this roadway and calls on individuals to take action against unsustainable transport infrastructure.  People start planning.

Climate Camp Cycle Caravan - From Galway to Tyrone - 250km - 6th August 2010

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