College Tours

Gluaiseacht is organising some college talks this autumn (next spring too if you’d like!) on the different projects and campaigns we support, such as Climate Camp, the Rossport Solidarity Camp as well as a general introduction to activism. If you’d like to have someone come along to give a participative talk and workshop (approximately 1 hour) at your college please email

If you can cover some travel costs and offer a couch that would be great. If not just let us know as we have a little funding for our college tour. We’d like to link up as many third level groups as possible involved in environmental and social justice issues. Ideally this would involve becoming aware of each other’s activities, events and campaigns. To achieve this we would like to offer you the use of the Gluaiseacht network to communicate, co-organise and support each other on an all-island basis. Knowing there is a wider eco and socially conscious community out there is really energising and helps us to continue our important campaigns.

We are also collecting articles of different activities taking place around the country and internationally for a regular newsletter. If you have anything to contribute, please email us at the same email

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