Invitation to Gluaiseacht Legs 11 Birthday Partay! - Sept. 10-11th 2011 in Clare

We’re celebrating our 11 year anniversary since Gluaiseacht started as a college network in 2000 and now is a bit of everything! - 11 years of fabulously fertile RESISTANCE!

From the Hague COP6 Climate Conference in 2000, Faslane and Sellafield trips, Genoa G8, Scotland G8, Ecotopias all over Europe, Ecotopia Ireland 2002, Rossport Solidarity Camp, Shell to Sea support, Shannon Peace Camp and Anti-War Movement support, Climate Camp Ireland, and so much more, we have a lot to celebrate! We’re putting together a booklet on Glu over the past decade. It MIGHT be ready in time…well, at least in draft form!!

It’s gonna be a nice informal get-together over the weekend, camping, with a nice fire. We hope to play some GAMES - maybe get a treasure hunt sorted, sardines, werewolves, skipping ropes maybe? all suggestions welcome.

Hope you can make it, bring a friend and meet other like-minded folk. Bring yer own sleeping bag+tent, some drink + instruments, veg from yer garden if you have some. We’ll have food + some drink! ALL WELCOME.

Let us know if yer coming so we can calculate food quantity : gluaiseacht (AT)

or sign up at:!/event.php?eid=254165247932928

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