Organising without Hierarchy: Consensus and Facilitation Training

Dublin: Sun 11th March 10.30am - 5.30pm (Teacher's Club - TBC)
(Also Cork: Sat 10th Mar 9:30 -4:30, Connolly Building UCC - TBC)


How can we make decisions as a group that are effective, strategic and inclusive of everyone's views and needs? How can social and environmental justice organisers put our values into action inside our groups, at the same time as fighting for freedom and equality in the outside world?

Consensus decision making has the potential to be radically democratic, creative and empowering. Instead of taking a vote, or letting one or two people get their way, a group works together to find solutions that everyone involved can support. However, building consensus and working co-operatively isn't always easy when most of us were brought up in a culture of competition and hierarchy...

This training is geared towards social and environmental justice organisers with any level of experience. The day will help you explore your experiences and values around decision making in groups, and develop skills to do consensus decision making effectively. It will also be a chance to meet other organisers from around the country, find out what issues they are facing in their own groups and do some shared problem-solving on common challenges. If you are new to consensus, or you like the idea, but are struggling to make it work in your group, this training is for you.

Training will be run by Seeds for Change, a co-operative of experienced activists and trainers in the UK. See more at

The cost of the training is funded by an social and environmental justice activist network in Ireland called Gluaiseacht for Global Justice. Participants can make donations on the day to cover refreshments.

Participation is free but booking is essential. We are limited to 20 places on each training day. Due to high demand, we ask that you only book a place if you can guarantee your participation on the day, for the full day.

To book, email : by 23rd February 2018  

 After you have booked a place you will be asked to send responses to the four short questions directly to the Seeds for Change facilitator who will be running the training on the day, so that they can plan training that is right for the people who are coming. Please note that you responses are for the Seeds for Change facilitator only and will not be shared with Gluaiseacht or other participants. 



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