Gluaiseacht carries out work in the following areas:

Support for Protest Actions

Gluaiseacht wishes to maintain as a core activity, logistical, infrastructural and organisational support for environmentally focused protest camps and actions around the island. We believe in empowering people to take control of their lives to move towards a more sustainable future, without necessarily waiting for governments and local authorities to do so.

Shell To Sea

Direct ongoing involvement in the “The Shell to Sea Campaign & Rossport Solidarity Camp” – supporting the community of Rossport and Erris, Co Mayo in their fight against the Shell, Statoil & Marathon consortium who aim to exploit our natural resources, with no benefit for the people of Ireland, at great risk to human lives of local people and the environment.,

Climate Camp

Gluaiseacht supports Climate Camp in Ireland as it focuses on taking direct action on this key environmental and social justice issues.

Climate Camp is a coming together of anyone who cares about climate change and the environment and wants to do something real about it. The camps are places where people who are concerned about climate change gather, live, learn from the workshops and each other, and take action together. The first Irish Climate Camp took place in Shannonbridge, Co. Offaly in August 2009 and was a fantastic success. This year it will be held in Tyrone, to support the local community campaign that is in opposition to the building of a new A5 road between Dublin and Derry.

Skillshare Weekends

Gluaiseacht aims to provide a platform for interested people to get informed on different environmental, political and social justice issues. We organise skillshare weekends in different venues around the country on an annual basis. Workshops can range from practical hands-on skills such as bike fixing and carpentry, to climate justice issues, facilitation skills, to water tax and other topical issues. We are also willing to support other similar skillshare weekends organized by other activist groups.

Activist Training Courses/Sessions

Gluaiseacht aims to organise and support different types of longer training sessions (2-3 days) which can improve hands-on skills which different activist groups may need around the country, such as facilitation skills, non-hierarchical organising, action medic training, non-violent direct action training, activist bicycle workshops etc. If your local group is interested in organising such an event, please get in touch and maybe we can work together on this.

Green Guides

In 2007 Gluaiseacht was involved in producing City & Town Green Guides” for Ennis, Waterford, Drogheda, Portlaoise & Naas. In 2009 Gluaiseacht produced a green guide for Charleville (in paper format only). The purpose of the guides is to provide a reference for citizens of, and visitors to these towns on environmental issues, nature resources, community services, and green businesses in the area. The guides include a ‘Green Map’ of the Towns which includes the locations of recycle points, art galleries, second-hand shops, bicycle shops, organic suppliers, museums, and more. At present, 2 more green guides are in production for Fingal and Co. Meath, in conjunction with a local school in each county.

Other Projects:

EYFA: European Youth For Action. We would hope to continue to have at least one representative on the board of EYFA and if possible a member of staff in the office on an ongoing basis. We have found the contacts we made through the EYFA network to be invaluable to our own learning and empowerment.

Policy Submission to consultation on Government Dept. of Communications, Marine and Natural resources, Green Paper on Energy. Gluaiseacht made a comprehensive fifteen-page submission in October 2006 addressing most of the questions asked in the Green Paper and highlighting omissions and positive aspects of the Green paper. This document can be downloaded from here

Gluaiseacht also contributed to the Vision 2020 EENGOCF transport submission for the Sustainable Travel and Transport: Public Consultation Document in June 2008. The document can be downloaded from here (

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